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Cancer biomarkers for therapy selection

FenoMark Diagnostics is dedicated to the discovery of biomarkers for therapy selection in lung cancer and to the development of diagnostics assays for use in the clinic.

Research and development

Genotype and phenotype

A genotype is the information stored in the DNA-code of a cell, while the phenotype describes how the cell actually functions. We base our research on studies of the cancer cell phenotype to understand how to best treat each patient.


Proteomics refers to the large-scale studies of proteins in a system such as a tumor, a patient blood sample or in cultured cancer cells. We have developed extremely sensitive methods to perform in-depth proteomics analysis in any sample and we use these methods to study cancer.

Clinical proteomics

Cancer is a complex disease and in particular the understanding of the proteome of individual cancers has been missing. To fill this knowledge gap we are using our sensitive methods to study clinical cancer samples.

Biomarker discovery

Biomarkers are measurable entities that can provide information about a biological state or condition. At FenoMark Diagnostics we focus on the discovery of biomarkers that provide predictive information about treatment response to cancer therapy.


FMDx-1101 is an assay in pre-clinical development for the intended use with a specific class of targeted therapy. It measures the presence of a single biomarker in a lung cancer sample.

The disease

Lung cancer remains the most common and most lethal cancer type with an estimated 2 million new cases every year

WHO report 2018

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