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What is

FenoMark Diagnostics?

FenoMark Diagnostics AB

FenoMark Diagnostics AB is a spin-out of Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Cumulatively the founders have more than 4 decades of cancer research experience, with a particular focus on biomarkers discovery using in-house developed state-of-the-art methods.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to become the leading developer of biomarkers for selecting the best therapeutics to help cancer patients worldwide.


We do this by revealing the true phenotype of each cancer using state-of-the-art proteomics and genomics.

Lukas Circle.jpg
Lukas Orre
Chief Scientific Officer

PhD, M.Sc. (Pharmacy), Researcher Dep.Oncology-Pathology

Karolinska Institutet.

Head of Clinical Proteomics Mass Spectrometry facility at SciLifeLab.

Over 15 years of experience in cancer therapy and biomarker research at KI and NKI in Amsterdam.

Santtu Circle.jpg
Santeri Kiviluoto

PhD, B.Sc. (Econ.& Bus.Adm.)

Over 10 years of biomedical research at e.g. Yale, KU Leuven and

Karolinska Institutet.

Previously VP, CSO of FIT Biotech Oy, heading R&D and business development.

Janne Circle.jpg
Janne Lehtiö

PhD, Professor


Karolinska Institutet.

Scientific Director of SciLifeLab

WP leader Cancer Core Europe

Key Opinion Leader in Clinical Proteomics with over a 120 academic publications.

With support from
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There are no current vacancies at FenoMark Diagnostics AB

For career opportunities at FenoMark Diagnostics AB, please send applications to

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